Lutron lighting climate control complete home automationLighting and heating are necessary to make a home attractive and comfortable to live in. It is very easy to waste energy though as our busy schedules take us on hectic journeys throughout the day and evening. Forgetting to turn off lights or leaving heating and cooling elements elevated when they should be turned off is not good for the environment or your finances.

Lighting and climate control automation is the best way to save energy in your home. This way you can relax and entertain while living a more energy efficient lifestyle. With automation, you are also able to manage your lighting and adjust the room temperature from the convenience of your car as you approach your home so you will never have to walk into a dark house again. With a simple button press, turn off the lights and manipulate the temperature set point as you retire for the evening or drive off to work in the morning all the while reaping the benefits of valuable savings on a daily basis.