Sony Hi-Res Audio Systems – The difference between hearing and listening
Sony Speakers for home theater system and home automation

Music Lovers today vary in experience from Vinyl records to tape to CDs to MP3 digital music files which all differ in musical quality as a result of changes and trends in audio technology over the years.  However in our pursuit of greater portability, convenience and mega file storage we sacrificed quality and our ears forgot what pure, real performances sound like in contrast to HDTV which revolutionized video with its huge leap forward in picture quality to high definition 4k.  Just ask your eyes if they would like to go back to standard definition TV?

With Hi-Res Audio you can now feel the power and presence of a live performance in your living room or experience what it’s like to sit in on a live studio recording.  Listen to performances exactly as the artist intended and realize the complete audio splendor captured by the highest quality recording technology without sacrificing portability, media storage and convenience.

Sonos Wireless HiFi Audio Systems – Imagine music in every room


Nothing can bring a room to life better than the crisp sound of music. Your favorite songs and new music can alter and lift your mood, spark your creativity or simply set a relaxing scene. Imagine being able to listen to your tailored tunes from any room in your home using your smartphone, tablet or computer on it’s own dedicated wireless network. With The Sonos HiFi music system you can. It’s customizable music powered to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re creating ambiance for a dinner party, winding down for a relaxing evening with your family or gearing up for a strenuous workout in your home gym, The Sonos Controller app empowers you to take your home listening experience to another level. No more scrambling to find another suitable song to keep your party going or running from one room to the next to switch things up when your music tastes change. With the app, you can pre-plan your playlists so the music plays on as long as you want.

With a just few clicks from the app you can play a different song in every room of your home or share one playlist with your entire household at once. And talk about stylish. Sonos speakers come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance your home décor. Music done the Sonos way not only sounds good, but it can color up and compliment your personal style. Most importantly, the degree of difficulty of setting up the Sonos music system is low. It is super easy to connect all of your music and streaming services so that you can access countless amounts of music no matter if it’s stored on your iPod or other devices or services. Music should be a fun experience and with Sonos it is a constant celebration.



Sony 4K Home Theater – Family movie viewing that defy’s the imagination

If you can dedicate a space in your home for home theater it will result in the most spectacular, lifelike movie experience making you feel as if you are living the movie rather than watching it. A dedicated Home Theater is specifically tailored to the size of your spacebravia home theater speakers wireless automation, seating area capacity and desired level of performance so that whether large or small your theater is optimized to get the full benefit from your investment in electronics for the best possible audio and video quality. Our carefully designed home theaters take into consideration room dimensions, layout, seating selection, acoustics, front projection video, audio design, lighting/climate control and critically important system calibration.

Sony 4K Family/Media Room – A living space Movie and Sports entertainment experience

Your Family Room, Great Room or Recreation Room can provide the best seat in the house for experiencing new movie releases and big playoff games with family or friends. Enjoy enveloping 5.1 home theater surround sound and 4K Ultra HD TV picture quality designed to fit into your existing room’s decor and without compromising its original purpose.

Outdoor Music Systems – Rugged high fidelity outdoor audio

Parties and events take on a different quality when they are outdoors. More people can be involved and the best way to keep them entertained is to have a bodacious sound system.  A quality sound system is one of the most important elements of any outdoor gathering.

Our high performance outdoor audio systems are capable of delivering great sound comparable with indoor systems while combating the most extreme weather conditions. Available for either on-wall or in-ground installation, our systems deliver accurate sound reproduction in a totally weatherproof design in any outdoor living space.

Home Automation Control – Intuitive control of your homes subsystems

SmartLife Audio Video specializes in audio-video products and we take pride in providing expert guidance when it comes to selecting the right remote control device for your various audio-video needs. Most often the original remotes that come with devices or generic universal remotes are not be the best ones for your needs. This is where we come in. With all of the years of experience and knowledge we have with remote controls and home automation systems, we are the best at teaching our customers which ones work best.

We offer in-person demonstrations where we work with our clients one-on-one and allow them to see how select remotes work and then we recommend the ones that are in our view, the ones that will benefit them the best.

In some cases a manufacturer app may fit the bill while in other cases a universal remote or tablet – smartphone interface will prevail. Ultimately the final selection must be simple, effortless and consistent.

Lighting and Climate Control – Convenient control from home or away

Lighting and heating are necessary to make a home attractive and comfortable to live in. It is very easy to waste energy though as our busy schedules take us on hectic journeys throughout the day and evening. Forgetting to turn off lights or leaving heating and cooling elements elevated when they should be turned off is not good for the environment or your finances.

Lighting and climate control automation is the best way to save energy in your home. This way you can relax and entertain while living a more energy efficient lifestyle. With automation, you are also able to manage your lighting and adjust the room temperature from the convenience of your car as you approach your home so you will never have to walk into a dark house again. With a simple button press, turn off the lights and manipulate the temperature set point as you retire for the evening or drive off to work in the morning all the while reaping the benefits of valuable savings on a daily basis.

Home Networking – Enterprise class performance

These days most households are operating multiple network devices and computers, so the need for robust networking systems top the list.

To power those devices, an enterprise class network is a must. The electronics people use rely on stealth-like Internet connections and wireless networking to operate reliably and deliver online content at rapid speeds. Standard modems or gateways provided by service providers fall short of the necessary performance quality in supporting home automation systems and have complications integrating with them altogether.

SmartLife Audio Video creates enterprise and business class networks capable of running enough sessions to share the data volume required by home automation systems and also to supply expanded coverage to consistently canvas any size home.