Nothing can bring a room to life better than the crisp sound of music. Your favorite songs and new music can alter and lift your mood, spark your creativity or simply set a relaxing scene. Imagine being able to listen to your tailored tunes from any room in your home using your smartphone, tableSonos wireless HiFi Audio System Home theater equipmentt or computer on it’s own dedicated wireless network. With The Sonos HiFi music system you can. It’s customizable music powered to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re creating ambiance for a dinner party, winding down for a relaxing evening with your family or gearing up for a strenuous workout in your home gym, The Sonos Controller app empowers you to take your home listening experience to another level. No more scrambling to find another suitable song to keep your party going or running from one room to the next to switch things up when your music tastes change. With the app, you can pre-plan your playlists so the music plays on as long as you want.

With a just few clicks from the app you can play a different song in every room of your home or share one playlist with your entire household at once. And talk about stylish. Sonos speakers come in a variety of colors and styles to enhance your home décor. Music done the Sonos way not only sounds good, but it can color up and compliment your personal style. Most importantly, the degree of difficulty of setting up the Sonos music system is low. It is super easy to connect all of your music and streaming services so that you can access countless amounts of music no matter if it’s stored on your iPod or other devices or services. Music should be a fun experience and with Sonos it is a constant celebration.