Enabling DIY client Audio installations with the training from our expert Audio Advisors!

Being in control of your project scope and budget has never been easier or the results better by attending our Audio Workshops so you can install your own professional audio systems for music, TV or theater.

Workshop Schedule June 9th beginning at 10 AM:

A.  Create an amplified streaming music and TV audio stereo system that works with any passive speakers and operates simply from your TV service provider’s existing remote for TV viewing and a full featured app for music listening.  Attendees will learn how to install the NAD CI-720 Network Stereo Zone Streaming Amplifier with a TV and speakers so they can share one pair of speakers for both TV and music and do it all from only your TV remote and an intuitive app.

B.  Add the convenience of streaming music services to your existing home audio system with the Blusesound Node 2 streaming music player.   Easily install streaming music into your existing stereo or home theater system.

C.  Multi-room audio system upgrade installation specifically replacing electronics in an older system and keeping existing in-ceiling/wall speakers in order to realize app based modern streaming music services for personal or group entertaining.

D.  Install a turntable into your existing stereo or home theater system.

Date:  June 9th beginning at 10 AM in our store, RSVP required, please call 303-544-2110.