Analog or Digital Audio?

In the purest form we experience music listening in the real-world by attending a live performance including instruments and vocals.  With a live performance as our reference then our two choices of recreating that performance at home is either in an Analog or Digital format.  Bear in mind that audio signals in the real world are smooth and continuos Analog waves found in sound or light so this format of Music recording and playback is a true one for one match to even include the variations in air pressure of the original sound.  In comparison a Digital audio recording takes samples of the original sound wave at a specified rate and produces a sound wave that is stepped, square and not a one for one match to real life sound.

If Analog audio is analogous to real-world Analog music then is it better than Digital?  From a technology point of view the aim of Digital audio systems such as streaming music players is to reproduce as closely as possible the Analog audio signal but accomplishing this goal is more complicated.  With careful consideration of an array of determining factors such as recording quality, software capability, Analog to Digital Conversion plus Digital to Analog conversion quality and network performance it can nearly equal Analog performance but often at a higher dollar investment.  But what Digital Audio does offer is an added convenience for more readily accessing and managing music whether from a phone, computer, tablet or streaming music player.

We feel in our own opinion that there is a need for both in this day of age.  At any given time of the day depending on your location, activity and intent one form will be better than the other.  For example while  preparing the kids for homework or arranging dinner where your focus is on surrounding events then being able to stream music quickly and easily from an App to speakers in the ceiling is the best choice.  At other times when the kids are settled and you need quality time to unwind from a hectic day at work and relax with your spouse then spinning a nostalgic record in the Great Room with furniture grade speakers on each side of the fireplace will merit the greater benefit.

When you want to take the opportunity to press pause on life and forget about the stress of everyday living we can help you realize a music system you and your family can feel in your main areas of relaxation and as background sound in your indoor and outdoor common living areas.

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