Are you “Feeling” the music?

Music is a form of art with an emotional expression or valence which induces feelings of joy, sadness, Serenity and excitement when properly “Tuned” for your listening space.

A Hi-Fi system is a musical instrument that when installed accordingly through the Masters Speaker Set process will achieve the highest audio fidelity performance possible from your components in your living space.  The result of listening to music, in your optimized space, highlights the Tempo Mode, Melody and Loudness which through our ears the brain transposes into feelings as the notes actually resound throughout your body.  But rather than a psychological explanation I would rather focus on the science behind the intrinsic positive effects of music.

Music has major emotional and physical benefits.  Just like when we satisfy our desire to eat, sleep, socialize, exercise or pray, music also triggers our brain into releasing Dopamine… a powerful “Feel Good” neurochemical resulting in experiencing pleasure and reward.  Music can physically improve heart rate, cardiovascular wellness, breathing, temperature and yes even cause “Chills” or more commonly known as “Goose bumps”.   Studies have proven soothing music listening has shown to lower stress level due to decrease in the stress hormone cortisol!

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